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Horse Clippers Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Clippers

Heavy Duty Clippers

A wide range of clipping machines is offered so it is important to select a machine appropriate
for the job. Medium duty clipping machines are generally more suitable for owners with up to four horses. They are lighter than the heavy duty machines and are generally not so noisy.Rechargeable machines, that run for around 45 minutes (or about 2.5-3 hours in the case of the Lister Liberty), avoid a trailing cord and do not rely on the availability of mains electricity. Additional battery packs are available as a back up.

Modern machines are more power than older models and will save considerable time, so you can put more effort into getting the best results. Save money by choosing a machine that will accept your old blades. Click on a thumbnail to be taken to a larger image and details of the machine. Prices quoted are inclusive of VAT. Carriage of will automatically be added to your order.

Wolseley Harrier  Horse Clipper

Wolseley Harrier Horse Clipper

Price: 390.00


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