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Lister Libretto max

Lister Libretto max

Vehicle Leads (Optional) 

Mains Adapter (Optional) 

The Libretto Solo is a powerful trimmer for which you need a seperate power supply which is not included. There are three power supply options as follows:

  • You could use the battery pack and belt from your Lister Liberty clipper,
  • Use vehicle leads available seperately or
  • Use a mains adapter available seperately

Clipping time is up to an incredible 6 hours. The Libretto is supplied with a set of standard blades which are interchangeable for any blades in the Wahl or Oster ranges.

The Libretto will appeal to horse owners for regular trimming as well as professional dog groomers.

The Libretto comes with a 12 month guarantee

Price: 90.00


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