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Wolseley Kite Horse Clipper

Wolseley Kite  Horse Clipper

Wolseley Kite  Horse Clipper - view 1Wolseley Kite  Horse Clipper - view 2

The new Wolseley Kite, heavy duty clipper, uses modern technology to deliver power and performance when required to meet the toughest clipping challenges. It has an extremely powerful 200 watt DC permanent magnet motor delivering power equivalent to 400 watt AC. The slim hand piece is ergonomically designed to make clipping easier and less tiring. It is lightweight and has an extremely low noise and vibration level for a clipper of its size.

This modern, robust, heavy duty clipper is ideal for professional equine use and for clipping dirty cattle.

Wolseley Clippers Now Have a 2 year warranty.

Price: 395.00


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